Some Of The Best Places To Stay In Phuket For A Relaxing Holiday

When you want to go to Phuket for a relaxing holiday, there are plenty of options of places you can stay that can help ensure you have a fantastic and relaxing holiday in the Land of Smiles. Before booking a holiday on the beautiful island of Phuket, it is worth researching the different locations to see which suits you best. Below are some options of areas you can consider that may work for you and what you plan to do on holiday and help you have a fantastic time on holiday.

Kamala Beach

Booking a Kamala Beach resort is an excellent choice for families, and there are plenty of fantastic hotels and resorts where you can stay. There is a small village near the beach with everything that visitors need without having to be in a big town, and it is the ideal place to relax with your family. You can also easily travel to other parts of the islands to explore what is on offer, and there are many attractions and things to do to keep you and your family occupied.


If you do not have children and are looking for something a bit livelier, consider staying in the Patong area of the island. It also boasts many quality hotels and resorts to help you have a pleasant holiday, and you can enjoy the fantastic scenery in this part of Phuket. Plenty is available on your doorstep, and it is easy to travel from this location to other parts of the island.

Phuket Town

When you are not too bothered about a beach and are happy to lounge by your pool or go out and explore, staying in Phuket town might be the ideal location for you. It is the largest town on the island and is the capital city of Phuket province, with lots of things to see and do when you explore the narrow streets. It also boasts some unique attractions that you will not find anywhere else.

Karon Beach

When you are on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation to go out and explore, or party, staying in Karon Beach might be the ideal place for you. It has the second largest tourist beach on the island and is a popular location for many backpackers; you can enjoy stunning views when you visit. With lots of things to see and do, you are spoilt for choice with attractions that can help you have a memorable trip to Phuket and leave you wanting to go back for more.

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