Popular Places For Expatriate Retirees To Live In Thailand

When you are close to retirement and want to move somewhere abroad where the weather is warm, Thailand is a popular option for many retirees. The weather in Thailand is warm throughout the year, and there are many things to keep you occupied during your retirement. Many expatriate retirees congregate in different parts of the country, with Bangkok being popular due to easy access to everything you need, including hospitals, entertainment, and travel. However, other destinations are also popular, and you can see some of the destinations below where you may wish to consider retiring.


Many people will purchase a luxury apartment for sale in Pattaya when moving there to retire, and a large part of the expatriate community is retired. There are lots to see and do in Pattaya, and many groups that meet up regularly that you can join, and you can live a comfortable life here. However, it can be noisy depending on where you live, as it is a popular holiday destination.

Chiang Mai

Another popular destination for expatriate retirees is Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, and there is fantastic scenery here and lots to see and do to keep you busy. However, one drawback of living in Chiang Mai is the burning season which can see a haze of smoke over the land for over a month, which is a perfect excuse to take a holiday to the islands every year. You can also lead an active social life in Chiang Mai, and there is always someone meeting or a club activity going on that you can join.


If you love beautiful beaches and lots of things to do, Phuket could be an excellent destination for you to retire to for you. There is a large expatriate community in Phuket, and you can join various clubs and groups to get to know people and find productive ways to use your time. It will get bustling during the cool season from November to February, and it is quieter in the other months, but there are always plenty of tourists in Phuket, both domestic and international.

Hua Hin

Another destination you can consider retiring to is Hua Hin, which is about three hours’ drive south of Bangkok and on the Gulf of Thailand coast. There are fewer tourists here than in other destinations, but it still gets busy and sees lots of Thais visiting Hua Hin, the first royal seaside resort in Thailand. Hua Hin has everything you need to retire comfortably, including an active expatriate community and lots of things to see and do.

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