Is it Important Your Holiday Hotel Is Doing Its Best to Be Green?

As the planet continues to feel the effects of global warming and we continue to see the changes to the polar icecaps and other glaciers around the world it is becoming more important to consider the effects we have by travelling long distances on holiday. Many companies are now offering ways such as tree planting and the funding of wind or solar farms to offset carbon emissions like those generated by airliners when taking travellers on their holidays. At the other end of the journey is it also becoming more important that resorts and hotels are doing their best to minimise their carbon footprint. I would like to highlight one such eco-friendly resort based in Phang Nga, Thailand and the measures they take to makes their operation as green as possible.

A Great Part of The World

The resort hotel I am going to describe is the Merlin resort in Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a cluster of villages on Thailand’s west coast in Phang Nga province close to the busier and more well-known islands of Ko Samui and Phuket. One of the country’s hidden gems, the area is a dotted with stunning beaches, has a nearby national park and is a world-renowned Scuba diving destination.

Doing its part

The Merlin resort has a beachfront location on the fantastic Lam Kaen beach and is sculpted in and around the existing tropical rainforest, the resort is a winner of many awards for its multiple efforts to minimise its effects on global warming. Along the eco-friendly methods and systems, it has in place are –

  • Water Conservation – The resort uses organic filtration and cleansing systems which allow the re-use of wastewater in the gardens or pools on the resort which flourish with freshwater fish.
  • Waste Management – By minimising single-use products and having reusing and recycling processes in place the resort is always looking to reduce their waste ending up as landfill.
  • Wildlife Conservation – The hotel has partnered with a local conservation foundation to maintain the property as a sustainable habitat for local small wildlife. Its regular wildlife surveys have found over one hundred and fifty species on the resort.
  • Tree Management – The tropical rainforest on the resort contains over two hundred and fifty established trees, some of which may well be over one hundred years old. Their gardening team has been trained by local arborists to care for the trees and they also partner with a local project which has calculated their trees have stored over seventy tons of carbon over their lifetime.

By maintaining these processes and establishing a strong links with the local community the resort is a great example of what an eco-friendly luxury hotel should look like.

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