Adventure Awaits: Camping With Your Canine

Before taking off on your outdoor excursion with your canine friend, it is your responsibility as its owner to provide the necessary care and precaution to be prepared for your adventure.

Firstly, procure information such as proof of ownership, medical records, and a recent photo of your dog. Have your dog be caught up on their vaccinations; a veterinarian could also provide your dog with a check-up as well as insect protection medicine. It’s also advised to bring a first aid kit wherever you go. Research the campsite’s wildlife, plants, and upcoming weather forecasts, and also know where the nearest veterinary hospital is.

Be aware of specific campground rules or guidelines wherever your destination is. Some parks have restrictions on dog breeds, sizes, and number of dogs allowed at the site. Also, be prepared for any unforeseen fees that were not otherwise advertised; have extra cash on hand.

Next, pack supplies that are relevant to your destination. Of course, pack an abundance of food and clothes, but additional gear like raincoats, life jackets, and walking booties for the dog are essential in the event of a storm. Pack plenty of clean drinking water; the water where you are going may not be drinkable.

Lastly, you as the owner should provide a comfortable and confined space for your dog to stay while you travel and drive. Owners could also crate their dog or choose to harness them to the passenger seat. If you are pulling a trailer, always have the dog ride up front with you in the tow vehicle.

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