Activities To Do With Your Kids When The Weather Is Not So Good In Phuket

When you are on holiday in Phuket with your kids, and it is too hot or raining, you can do plenty of things to keep everyone entertained and occupied. From going shopping, watching a movie, or finding a play space for kids, Phuket has plenty to offer to keep you entertained no matter the weather. Below are some options you can consider that can keep your children happy when the weather is not playing ball and ensure everyone still has a fantastic holiday in beautiful Phuket.

Try An Escape Room

If you are looking for ways to spend an hour or two, you can visit the Jungceylon shopping mall and try an escape room with your kids, depending on how old they are. You will need to solve various clues to help you exit the room, and most venues have multiple escape rooms available you can try. However, this is best with teenagers rather than younger children, but it can be immense fun for everyone taking part.

The Kids Club

An excellent option for younger kids is taking them to the Kids Club, an adventure play centre with many things available for children to play and explore. It is located inside and is air-conditioned, so you can keep cool while watching your children play and having a fantastic time. There are slides, ball pits, climbing walls, trampolines, and swings to occupy the kids and let them burn off some energy.

Phuket Aquarium

Another way to spend some time when it is raining, or too hot outside is by visiting the Phuket Aquarium and enjoying a fun and educational couple of hours exploring. You will see a vast array of wildlife in the aquarium, with over 100 species on display in the various tanks and enclosers. It is not a massive attraction, and you will have seen everything on offer within an hour or two, but it is an excellent way to escape the weather, whatever it is doing outside.

Go Bowling

Bowling is another indoor activity that all the family can enjoy, and it is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours. You can eat some snacks and have a couple of drinks while everyone in the family has a go at bowling. You are protected from whatever the weather is doing outside, and it can be immense fun for everyone, especially if you are not very good at it.

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